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Launch Report 001 & 002/2013


At 04.45hr on Saturday 16 March 2013, Seahouses Lifeboat was requested to launch by Humber Coastguard following a distress call from the 80m cargo vessel "Danio", which had run aground near the Little Harcar rock at the Farne Islands. There were six crew aboard, and the Lifeboat was requested to assess the situation and take off the crew if required.

The Lifeboat Crew were paged and the lifeboat launched at 04.50hr. On arrival at the scene, they found the "Danio" firmly aground on rocks in a difficult location. A local Seahouses vessel "Stand Sure" had also gone to the vessel's assistance. However after discussion with the ship's master, a tow line was passed and an attempt was made by the Lifeboat to tow the vessel clear, once it was established that its hull was sound and not taking water. The Lifeboat was unable to move the vessel. High water at Seahouses was 05.15hr, and as the tide began to recede, the vessel began a slight list to starboard.

Humber Coastguard are currently in contact with the vessel's owners, to arrange recovery of the vessel, probably with the aid of a tug or tugs. Seahouses Lifeboat stood by the vessel while the crew stayed aboard, from 5.05am till 8pm, being on service for 15 hours, when it was relieved by the Berwick Lifeboat, and returned to Seahouses at 8.15pm. The Inshore Lifeboat was additionally launched at 9.20am, so that the crew could land on the rocks and inspect the vessel’s hull for damage at low water. A metre wide hole was found on the port side of the hull near the bow, below the waterline. A representative of the owners and a salvage engineer arrived late afternoon, and were taken by charter boat to the scene. The Inshore Lifeboat conveyed them from the charter boat to the casualty vessel so that a preliminary inspection could be made. A tug also arrived late afternoon from Rosyth. However no attempt was made to move the ship. A meeting was to be held next morning involving the various agencies, to decide a salvage strategy. Speedy refloating of the vessel was not an option. The Lifeboat was to resume standby at 5.30am the following morning, relieving the Berwick crew.

Seahouses Lifeboat remained on standby beside the vessel until 12.05pm that day, when it was finally stood down by Humber Coastguard. The incident had then become a salvage operation, with the crew remaining aboard. Seahouses All Weather Lifeboat had been on service for 20 hours, the Inshore lifeboat for 9 hours, and Berwick lifeboat for 11 hours.  SEE BBC NEWS REPORT Click here

Grounded Cargo Vessel MV Danio - UPDATE

Further to our news release on 16/03/2013, the MV Danio was finally refloated by a large salvage tug and the Titan salvage team, at approximately 3am this morning (28/03/2013), after grounding there shortly before 5am on Saturday 16 March 2013. The vessel is now being taken to Blyth, where its cargo of timber logs may be unloaded, and the vessel fully examined to assess the degree of hull damage. The operation is understood to have been carried out smoothly, without the spillage of any pollution at this environmentally sensitive location.

Seahouses RNLI were not involved in the salvage operation. Volunteer Lifeboat crews spent over 20 hours at sea during the early rescue stage of the operation.

And where is MV Danio now ? Towed to Poland via Keil Canal, we assume for repair !

Letter of commendation from RNLI Operations Director Michael Vlasto

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Video Photo - From Smartphone of incident

Video Footage from Helmet Cam of incident

BBC News Report by Danny Savage on Youtube

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