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Launch Report No 005/2013

Assist Craster Inshore Lifeboat while
on exercise with Coastguard Officers

At 20.15hr on Monday 20th May 2013, Humber Coastguard telephoned Seahouses Lifeboat Operations Manager, and advised him of a situation at Craster. The Craster Inshore Lifeboat had been carrying out an exercise with shore based Coastguard Officers, one of whom was on rocks acting as a casualty. Th Craster ILB had suffered an engine problem, and in accordance with standard safety procedures, the crew had beached the boat at Embleton, while they attempted to remedy the fault. While the coastguard officer “casualty” was in no danger, there was some mild concern for his welfare.

Seahouses Lifeboat Ops Manager decided to launch the Seahouses Inshore Lifeboat, purely as a precautionary measure, to back up the Craster crew. On arrival, the Craster crew had managed to restart their engine, and had picked up their “casualty”. They were escorted back towards Craster harbour by Seahouses ILB, in case of further problem, but once back safely at Craster, the Seahouses ILB was released and returned to station.

It is believed the engine problem at Craster has been rectified and the boat is fully operational once again. At Craster, the Inshore Lifeboat Mechanic was awaiting the arrival of the boat, so it could be fully checked over.

While this was not an “emergency” call out as such, safety is always paramount in anything done by the RNLI, and its crews always have the safety of the public, their boats and crews as a top priority. The welfare of the coastguard officer, albeit in no danger at any time, was also a significant consideration in this incident.

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