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Launch Report 021/2016


At 18.41hr on Saturday 23rd July 2016, Humber Coastguard requested the launch of Seahouses All Weather Lifeboat, to go to the assistance of a motor cruiser from Eyemouth, that had an ill diver aboard. The vessel had been approximately 27 miles south east of Eyemouth, but was now making for Seahouses. The Rescue Helicopter from Inverness (nearest available) had been tasked, and was on route. The lifeboat crew were requested to give medical care to the diver until he could be handed over to the helicopter.

The lifeboat was quickly launched, and located the casualty vessel 11.5 miles east of Seahouses. Lifeboat Crew were put aboard the vessel, and the diver was found to be very ill. He was given oxygen and his condition carefully monitored, and the Coastguard were kept updated as to his condition which was causing some concern to the RNLI crew. The diver had been diving to approximately 61 mtrs for about 38 minutes, and became ill when he surfaced.

On arrival of the Rescue helicopter, the diver had been transferred to the lifeboat and made ready for a helicopter evacuation. He was then flown to the decompression chamber at Aberdeen for treatment. The diver was believed to be from the Glasgow area, but the RNLI have no further information as to his identity or condition.

The lifeboat crew were complimented by the helicopter winchman for a smooth and efficient transfer of the ill diver from the lifeboat to the helicopter. Lifeboat Operations Manager Ian Clayton commented, “This diver was really very poorly when transferred to the helicopter. We hope he is able to make a full recovery, and he is now in the best place to do so.

Photos show the helicopter from Inverness, preparing to winch the diver from the lifeboat. Note the spray from the rotor downdraft - the lifeboat crew got well damp !

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