Seahouses RNLI Lifeboat Station, Seafield Road, Seahouses, Northumberland NE68 7SH. Tel: 01665 720370

Seahouses RNLI Lifeboat Station

Launch Report 013-014/2018


At 10:25hr on Friday 24 August 2018, UK Coastguard requested the launch of Seahouses All Weather Lifeboat, to go to the assistance of two persons in the water, following a yacht capsizing off Football Hole, south of Beadnell Bay. The radio distress call was very weak and distorted, and barely readable and was heard by the Lifeboat Station personnel as well as the UK Coastguard Operations Centre.

Both Seahouses lifeboats were quickly launched and made their way to the yacht’s position. The inshore lifeboat was first on scene, and found that a local fishing boat had also gone to the yacht’s assistance, and the crew were pulling the two yachtsman on board. They were transferred to the Inshore Lifeboat, and as they were cold and wet, the Inshore Lifeboat took them to the approaching All Weather Lifeboat, where they could be given medical assistance. The yacht was righted by the lifeboat crew and towed to the safety of Beadnell Beach, where it was taken ashore. One of the rescued yachtsman was then showing signs of shock and cold, so was transported by the Lifeboat straight to Seahouses and an ambulance called by the Coastguard. The yachtsman was given a full medical check by the ambulance paramedic at Seahouses, but did not require to be taken to hospital. He was given medical advice and taken home by a local shore based Coastguard Rescue Officer. Meanwhile, both Seahouses Lifeboats once again returned to station, and were made ready for service.

Lifeboat Operations Manager Ian Clayton commented, “This was a time critical job, because people were in the water. The two guys are safe and well, and do not seem to be too badly affected by their experience. It was a text book operation with good co-operation between all the services involved – Coastguard, RNLI and Ambulance. ”