Seahouses RNLI Lifeboat Station, Seafield Road, Seahouses, Northumberland NE68 7SH. Tel: 01665 720370

Seahouses RNLI Lifeboat Station

Call-Out Procedure

All Sea Rescues are co-ordinated by the UK Coastguard. Humber Coastguard Operations Centre (CGOC) covers this area, based at Bridlington.

In an emergency, the Coastguard will request the services of a lifeboat, by alerting the Station Lifeboat Operations Manager or the duty Deputy Launching Authority by Radio Pager. Once given brief details of the incident, the Launch Authority will make the decision whether to launch one, or both lifeboats, or simply bring the crew to stand by. The Launch Authority will authorise the launch, if appropriate, and request the Coastguard to page the crew required.

The Crew are alerted by Radio Pagers, and respond within minutes of the alarm being raised. An electronic siren is now activated at the boathouse if the All Weather Lifeboat is about to launch on service, to warn the public to clear the area. Not necessary for the Inshore Boat - Landrover has blue lights/siren if needed.

The dedicated paging system is provided by TELENT. This is connected to the main RNLI Website, the Latest Launches page shows which stations are on service at any one time.  The Seahouses Lifeboat can be at sea with 5 to 8 minutes of being called out, low tides can take a little longer. This lifeboat has always been able to launch when requested, regardless of tidal/sea conditions.

The first five or six crew to respond usually man the boat, whilst others assist in launching. The boat must have a qualified coxswain and mechanic aboard. Twenty six crew are on call, although they are seldom all available at any one time. Several work away from the village, and those who are fisherman, may often be unavailable at sea. The lifeboat remains in direct radio contact with the coastguard, as well as other shipping and the UK Coastguard Rescue Helicopter, based at Prestwick, Hull or Inverness for this coast). Local shore based Coastguard Rescue Personnel (based at Seahouses, Holy Island and/or Howick are also usually alerted (also by pagers), in the event of an incident, as considered necessary by the UK Coastguard.

RNLI Swissphone Pager

RNLI Crew Swissphone Pagers
Newer model on right (screen on rear)

The Station Paging Unit, which can be operated by push button or remotely by telephone/touch screen from UK Coastguard Ops Rooms or by RCAMS, the RNLI’s app.

Coastguard Launch Request Tone
Received by Launch Authorities and Cox/Mech only, but not crew. Activated by Coastguard to alert the Launch Authority and request authority for the lifeboat(s) to launch to an incident.

Crew Launch Tone
Launch ALB/ILB/Both Boats - activated on all pagers, by the Duty Launch Authority, to call out the crew for a shout.

Admin Non Urgent message,
(Message displays on pager screen). Can be sent to individuals or entire crew.
Tone starts softly, and grows louder.


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Humber UK Coastguard Marine Rescue Centre (MRCC), Bridlington.

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HM Coastguard Helicopter from Hull Base

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